Did you have fun with my iPad cat attack post? I hope you did. Here’s another funny video, featuring one of my friends climbing those slim Christmas trees which so many people seem to like:

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate my friend’s performance? In case you’re a human reading this, please be aware that artificial Christmas trees are better than natural ones, because kittens are less exposed to swallowing those pine needles which could be fatal. Did you know that?


iPad Cat Attack!

Here’s a funny video featuring a few nice cats intrigued by the iPad. One of the furry cuties went as far as launching an attack. The iPad was naked but I don’t think it got scratched, as the kitty decided to bite the hand of the owner. Speaking of the necessity of protective iPad cases

This cat piano application for the iPad is surely a blockbuster in the feline world 🙂

T Cat is not just another cat, but a cat with a radio program. He’s talking about the new technology in his radio show, Splitting Hair. This new technology is iPad. Discover what he thinks about it:

T Cat’s conclusion? The iPad is absolutely revolutionary.

Cats are seemingly as fond of iPads as humans. This could be an explanation for the thousands videos of cats using iPads I found on YouTube. Here’s one which will surely make you smile. It features my cousin Iggy painting a watercolor picture on his iPad. He’s using an application called SplatterHD and I must admit he certainly has talent. I just hope his dad bought a really good iPad screen protector, because cats do use their claws a lot when painting, and Iggy makes no exception to this rule. It would be a shame for him to scratch the “canvas” like that!

What do you think? Isn’t painting on the iPad such a captivating thing to do?

From the popular series “Cats and iPads”, here’s one of the most popular iPad applications, called The Cat Piano. The first time I experience it I was totally fooled: I thought my friends decided to pay me a surprise visit. Those voices sounded so real, I was totally eager to have a friendly chase with Tom and Bob and all other cats in the gang, but instead of all that fun, I only got my human fellows laughing out loud while I was investigating the box that made those sounds.

It seems I wasn’t the only one fooled by the devilish Cat Piano. Here are a couple more suckers that took it for real:

Just wait until I write “The Human Piano”, then see who’s laughing out louder!

I’ve already told you that my favorite device in the house is the new sleeping pillow from Apple, called the iPad. I love playing with it and it seems I’m not the only one. I’ve investigated YouTube to see what other friends of mine do with their iPads and I want to share with you the best use a cat can give to her iPad:

This video teaches you how to fish on the iPad. No cables, keyboards nor other accessories are needed. Perhaps a good iPad screen protector would be nice to have. It’s really cool, but I seem not to be able to switch on the iPad. This is a lesson I still have to learn before being able to do some fishing myself.

Welcome all cats and cat lovers! You’ve just landed on the only blog you need to read every day. I’m going to make it big, really big. I want to write about my whole Universe, about my windowsill and those pigeons that I still hope to reach some day, about the food that never seems to come on time,  about computers, monitors, mobile phones and other stuff I enjoy playing with and about the 1001 sleeping positions I’ve invented so far.

Sleeping keeps me busy for about 20 hours a day. Of course it does. It’s the thing I do best and I’m proud of it. What? Didn’t you know that the lion also sleeps 20 hours a day? And he’s the king of the jungle.

Another passion of mine is food. This includes the things I eat but also other foods I only like to smell and taste, just enough for the people in the house not to touch them anymore. They seem to have a problem with eating after a cat. Funny. I’m going to share with you some of the recipes I’ve tasted.

Do you know what’s the most important thing in a house? Windows, of course. They are like TV sets for humans – maximum entertainment. Even better, they are like 3D cinema. I love them , so I’m going to write about the importance of window blinds and about what to do when you spot a fully open window, which in my house is sooo rare. I think they are afraid I’m going to fly. I won’t, but nobody seems to listen to me.

The latest cool invention of humankind is the iPad, which is almost as good as the windows. It’s the newest gadget in our home and I’m enjoying it so much that I felt like dedicating it a special category on my blog. I’ll tell you why the first thing my human fellows bought was an iPad screen protector, I’ll share with you 100 unknown uses for an iPad case and I’ll introduce you to the fine art of chasing the charger cable.
For now, here’s a funny video featuring one of my cousins enjoying an iPad game:

This is what I intend to write about, but my blog won’t be limited to only these topics. I’ll add new ones to make you laugh and feel good. Did I tell you I love comments? I’m looking forward to seeing yours on my posts.